Don't Let Tree Limbs Destroy Your Landscape

Our arborist can remove damaged branches safely

Pests, fungi and storms can weaken tree limbs, leaving many property owners none the wiser. Unfortunately, some of them find out the hard way that they had dead and damaged branches hanging over their roof or lawn. The arborist at Precision Tree and Land Services can remove hazardous limbs to protect your property.

You can trust us to...

  • Examine your trees for evidence of disease or storm damage
  • Be candid about the condition of your trees
  • Recommend an affordable solution

We'll go the extra mile to trim your trees without causing harm. Call 337-400-2164 now to arrange for tree trimming services.

Tree trimming is dangerous work

Tree trimming is dangerous work

Heights and heavy equipment are a recipe for disaster. Due to our years of training, we're qualified to remove limbs from mature trees. Reach out today to find out how we intend to eliminate the safety hazard in your backyard.