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Saplings don't mature overnight - it could take decades for your newly planted tree to reach maturity. That's also assuming you give your tree the care it needs. Luckily, the arborist at Precision Tree and Land Services can work with you to resolve any issues that might arise.

We focus on educating clients about proper tree care. As a result of working with our arborist, you'll know...

  • Why routine pruning is vital to the health of your tree
  • How to find evidence of damage on your tree
  • When to call on an arborist for tree services

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Can your tree be nursed back to health?

Can your tree be nursed back to health?

If you don't know what red flags to look for, you might not know whether a tree is healthy or dying. Our arborist can give you honest advice about the health of your tree and recommend solutions to protect your household and surrounding structures.

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